Advice For New Parents – Top 7 Tips

advice for new parents

Advice For New Parents – Top 7 Tips

There are many new moms and dads who are searching for advice for new parents.  What are the top “tips.”

When researching this subject, you will find that there are lots of guides and many experts &  advisors out there willing to share their expertise.   Nonetheless, reading through them, you will soon discover that what you really want to know at the start of your parenting journey is what are the leading parenting tips … if any.   Here are the leading seven basic parenting tips that we were able to find.

#1 – Show Love and Empathy

new parent tipsThe very first parenting pointer that you will need to recognize is that no matter what you are doing, you need to clearly reveal love as well as empathy.

Also when children misbehave, the very best parenting guidance that we can provide you is to praise your kid when they do something right.

Even after you correct their behavior, you still need to let them know that they are loved and your love for them is not conditioned on them behaving.

#2 – Advice For New Parents … Be A Teacher; Not A Taskmaster

teacher - not-taskmasterMore advice for new parents is that you want to teach your kids, not be their “taskmaster.”  When you behave as a “teacher”, you behave like their trusted counselor who has their best interests at heart … and they will intuitively “feel” this.  Children do not respond well when you are essentially talking down to them.  If you have created a warm and supportive parenting environment, making and enforcing rules will be much easier. If they devote the same misbehavior once again, after that you need to discipline them as this is how to set the borders directly. If you do not do this, they will keep pressing your limits further and further.

#3 – Control Your Own Anger

Your Anger Causes Children To ‘Shut Down’ In That Moment

Among the most effective parenting suggestions is to be sure that you effectively manage and handle your temper. Too many parents are acting out in anger and their children basically “shut down” at such times.  I remember my own daughters telling me that I was “yelling” at them when I was simply talking with a raised voice.  You are going to feel anger so a recommendation is to not engage with your children when you are angry … settle down first. When you do this, you will find that things are much easier to deal with. It’s perfectly OK to tell your child that you are mad and want to wait until your settle down before talking to them about their behavior.  They’ll appreciate it and you will be modeling positive behavior..

#4 – Regular Decompression Time

Experienced moms and dads will tell you that the best advice for new parents that they can offer you would certainly be to regularly “unwind.”  It may seem hard to do given the demands of modern life, but you simply have to do this. Regular decompression time will help you maintain your own sanity. There are way too many moms and dads that forget this golden rule and with the pressure modern life bearing down on them, they find that taking care of kid troubles can become much harder to manage. “Emotional fatigue” will cause them to occasionally lash out and may also hurt their relationship with their children. .

#5 – Advice For New Parents … Model The Behavior You Want To See

model behaviorWhile it’s important to monitor your kid’s actions, you will also learn that it is equally important to monitor your own behavior as well.  Sometimes you need to see that the things that you are doing are not working and you’ll need to change your approach.

When you are able to do this, you can then solidify the kind of behavior you want to see in your children as you are “walking your talk.”

It will be tough at times, however it is certainly doable and well worth the effort.  Part of dealing with your kids is making certain that you can take care of yourself.  When you are emotionally ‘centered” … dealing with all of life’s challenges are much easier.


#6 – Focus On Lessons … Not Failures

lessons not failuresLife is about “learning” and growing.  One of the greatest gifts that any parent can give their child is to help them learn how to effectively cope with failure. When you help your child see that failures can sometimes offer lessons that are more valuable than life’s successes, you will help assure their ongoing emotional health.  Helping your child develop this important life skill will help them create the


And here is the final piece of advice for new parents …

#7 – You & Your Children Are “Spiritual Equals”

spiritual equals

Regardless of your individual religious belief, or even if you have no religious belief at all,  approaching your children with this kind of “attitude” or belief will help you to always show respect for your child’s humanity and treat them with the basic dignity that every human being deserves.

This Hindu greeting is intended to acknowledge and show respect for the divine nature that is in every one of us.

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