ahrefs Google Docs Spreadsheet Problem

I created this webpage to describe the problem I am having with a Google Docs Spreadsheet.  I got this sheet for free and it is supposed to do keyword and backlink profile analysis on identified competitor domains.

The purpose of this Google Docs spreadsheet is to:
1. download the keywords from on a competitors niche website using ahrefs as a data source .. download is on CSV format … (can use data from 5 sites)
2. copy and paste the spreadsheet data from ahrefs into the Google Docs spreadsheet for keyword analysis and backlink analysis
3. the spreadsheet will then analyze all of the keywords
4. let you identify and save the keywords having decent search traffic and that are relatively easy to rank well on page #1 of Google SERPs

When I follow the instructions and load the data into the spreadsheet, it produces an “N/A” results and that field contains this error message:

Here is the error message I’m getting on Tab # 3 – Keyword Analysis:

Clicking On Links Below Will Open a New Tab In Your Browser …

This is the URL where the Google Docs spreadsheet owner describes the functioning of the spreadsheet and gives instructions on using it:  http://bit.ly/2vh2eVg

This is the URL where you can see an online (read only) version of the Google Docs spreadsheet that shows how it should function when it’s working properly:  http://bit.ly/2vYXp3c

This is a link that you can use to download the Google Docs spreadsheet to your local machine: http://bit.ly/2w0ocfm

If that does not work for some reason, I have downloaded it and put a copy on my server.  You can download it here:  https://theparentshelper.com/downloads/StealYourKeywords-Ahrefs-Edition.xlsx

ahrefs CSV data files to download and test functioning:
File # 1: https://theparentshelper.com/downloads/parents.com-organic-keywords-subdomains-US-25-Feb-2020_20-53-07.csv

File # 2: https://theparentshelper.com/downloads/verywellfamily.com-organic-keywords-subdomains-US-25-Feb-2020_20-57-23.csv

File # 3: https://theparentshelper.com/downloads/thebump.com-organic-keywords-subdomains-US-25-Feb-2020_20-59-12.csv

File # 4: https://theparentshelper.com/downloads/babycenter.com-organic-keywords-subdomains-US-25-Feb-2020_20-58-29.csv

File # 5: https://theparentshelper.com/downloads/whattoexpect.com-organic-keywords-subdomains-US-25-Feb-2020_20-55-21.csv

I am not sending this to you as an order to start work.

I am sending it so you have all of the information you need to:

      1. Recreate the problem and
      2. Be fair to us both so you can see if this is something that you can fix and also make an estimate of the amount of your time needed to make a fair price estimate.

This should give you enough to recreate the problem and see if this is something that you can fix.

Please let me know if this is something that you can do and what you would charge to fix this spreadsheet so it functions as advertised.